Welcome To Handicrafts Promotion Center

Handicraft promotion center established in 1975 with the objectives of improving the quality, increase production and improve their competitiveness in the local, regional and international market. Afghan handicrafts have been produced with different design in different part of the country, specially the needle work handicrafts with different afghan stylish design withdrew the attention many buyers throughout the world, our pure and nature handmade fur and leader product also have many buyers in the international markets. Afghan carpets with the great history of many centuries produced with very traditional process of looming from carding, spinning and dyeing with nature colors (from the root of bushes and shells of fruit such as walnut peels, pomegranate peel) weaving and shearing of carpets by traditional Afghani tools made its top place in international competitions. Read More

Our giftware line, as well as home and office decorative items, made of precious stones such as lapis lazuli, ruby, onyx, amethyst and other nature stones of Afghanistan, are produce in an artistic way with hand. We also export folk costume dolls, copper wear, glass wear, and sliver and washed metal boxes decorated with lapis lazuli, and agates, embroidered table clothes, carpet and leather shoulder bags, leather clothes With embroidery and needle work, jewelries decorated rated with precious and Simi-precious stones in suitable price and we have achieved contentment of our customers in entire world.

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